Provider of gum rosin  for industrial applications

 Global provider of gum rosin and turpentine 

We are manufacturers and providers of gum rosin and turpentine that comes from Pinus Pinaster.
A natural resin whose characteristics are highly valued by the industry.


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Global provider
of Gum Rosin

The Gum Rosin that we produce mainly comes from Pinus Pinaster, a Spanish variety of pine that gives the final product its unique features, which are highly valued by specific branches of the industry.

Our gum rosin rigorously fulfills the established quality standards. It also meets the needs of our customers, as it is a basic substance for the development of a wide variety of products within a large number of industries

We Market our Gum Rosin in an umber of different formats.


Gum Rosin Technical Data Sheet   Gum rosin Safety Data Sheet

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