Factory of gum rosin made of natural resin 

A hundred years manufacturing gum rosin made of natural resin

Gum rosin made of natural resin with great homogeneity.
High purity turpentine made of natural resin


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Our factory of gum rosin 

In ACM Resinas, we firmly believe in the prosperous future of this industrial sector, and we work every day with this objective in mind. We seek to promote both the improvement of our workers’ labour conditions and the development of environmentally-friendly practices. We are highly concerned with the long-term sustainability of our forests as well as with the process of modernization of the rural areas, where the resine sector can fulfill the function of pushing forward other economic activities.

In our factory, we combine artesan techniques with modern and green systems of distillation. Our excellent results have been demostrated throughout the years. Our production of gum rosin and turpentine, which has been realized during more than a hundred years, is treasured by our multiple customers.

The combination between old and modern techniques allows us to obtain gum rosins with a great homogeneity regarding their main chemical parameters as well as it allows us to produce a turpentine of high purity, having achieved excellent results in their fractions of resin acids (alfa-pinenes y beta-pinenes).