: admin colofonia | 3 Apr 2023

European Provider of Gum Rosin and Gum Turpentine Oil.

We are providers of Gume Rosin and Gum Turpentine Oil established within the European Union. Our customers portfolio includes prestigious firms from France, Portugal, Austria, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and other European Markets. Throughout our over 100 years-long history we have kept the principles and the tradition which allowed us to break through and settle down in such a competitive sector. It is one of our objectives to keep providing customers with our special gum rosin and turpentine. This is what defines us as well as what differentiates us from our competitors.

ACM Resinas offers a high quality product thanks to the indisputable value of the Pinus Pinaster resin that comes from our forests along with our distillation techniques, which are innovative and environmental-friendly at the same time.

Our goal is to access new Markets, and it is with this objective in mind that we are engaged in a process of steady growth. By constantly improving our equipment and installations, we are committed to reach our objectives without losing the focus on what has made our company unique in all the past years.


Gum rosin for the international industry

Both our gum rosin and gum turpentine oil rigorously fulfill the established quality standards. They both also meets the needs of our customers, as they are used as a raw material to develop of a wide range of products within a large number of industries, such as the chemical industry (glues, printing inks, paints), the food industry, the cosmetics, the fragrances and pharmaceutical industries. They are also used to produce esterified colophone resins, maleic colophone resins, fragrances, as well as long list of products that are used very frequently in our daily life.






Provider of gum rosin made of natural resin