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: admin colofonia | 5 Oct 2017

Gum rosin made of natural resin for the European industry

Resinas Alonso Criado is well established within the European Union, having customers in France, Portugal, Austria, Italy, and other European countries. Day after day, we work hard to reach new markets as well as to consolidate our position within the countries in which we are already present.

Our main aim is that our customers are highly satisfied with our products and services. We offer stability in both prices and deliveries while keeping up the quality that characterizes our products. We are also very concerned with the sustainability and the care of the natural environment from which our resine comes.



Gum rosin for the international industry

Our gum rosin rigorously fulfills the established quality standards. It also meets the needs of our customers, as it is a basic substance for the development of a great variety of products within a wide number of industrial sectors, such as the chemical industry (glues, printing inks, paints), the food industry, or the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. It is also needed to produce sterified colophone resins, maleic colophone resins, etc. as well as to produce a long and amazing list of products that are very common in our daily life.

Provider of gum rosin for industrial supplies